Her Sacred Space

HER SACRED SPACE Transformational Healing, Movement, Massage Therapy

Her Sacred Space

HER SACRED SPACE Transformational Healing, Movement, Massage Therapy


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her sacred space WELLNESS OASIS new location 4701 olentangy river rd. suite 201a columbus,Ohio (Back Entrance and upstairs.) Join us for a Despacho Ceremony on January 11, 2-4 p.m. for prayers for the New Year ( see description, details on events page.)

Welcome to the website of Columbus Ohio's premiere Illumination therapist Rita Carnevale offering:


Give yourself some of that precious time you so generously give to others.  Step into an oasis of love and acceptance for yourself.


I am a facilitator of healing.  I offer you a safe, 'SACRED SPACE', to assist you on your Magnificent Journey and guide you all along your way 

toward a more wholesome connection of body, mind, and spirit.

It is an honor to serve.

Despacho Prayer Ceremony on January 11, 2-4 p.m.  Movement Mondays start on Jan.20 Click events page for details


We want to heal because we want our lives to run more

smoothly, because we know deep down they can. 

We know we are beautiful magnificent beings.

 Let us not forget who we are. 

Let us not forget all the lovely things that happen to us and all

the beauty we experience. 

This is all part of our blueprint, part

of the glue that holds us together. 

Let us remember to hold space in beauty.

"Let the Beauty we love be what we do"



  • Emotional well being is important to leading a happy life. Our feelings, our attitudes, our moods are at the crux of so many ailments and problems, yet we have the birthright to be well. We have formed, even at an early age, structures around the way we have perceived life. Some of these structures have served us well, yet others not so much. As we get older and fail to make the changes we would like to see, it is because these structures have become so embedded in our bodies, minds and emotions. They are so strong and hard to penetrate because they have been there for so long. They reside at our core level in the energy body where our emotions originally constructed them. 
  • In the Illumination Emotional Process of Healing we take a look at what is out of order in your life and consider the earliest origins and start connecting dots. We arrive at the theme of the discomfort and locate it in the body and with a lot of awareness it gets cleared. It’s as if a little child is tugging at our feet wanting something from us and we just keep pushing them away telling them we’ll get to it later. In this process the time has finally come to address acknowledge, bring compassion and allow the energy to leave only to follow this vacancy with healing love. Call it prana, chi, life force energy or the light of God, we have the power to heal ourselves and CHOOSE differently 
  • Since this is at our very core, our blueprint, it filters down to all the other bodies; mind, heart and physical body. Now the things we have tried to change come easier. It releases the nagging “on button” of the adrenal glands connected to the issue, and resumes it to automatic. The flight or fight response is there as needed. You no longer have to be on high alert attracting the stimuli associated with this emotional heaviness. And it is heavy, weighing you down with tiredness, worry, mental and physical problems…it is even a blow to your spirit. 
  •  You leave feeling lighter and exhilarated, ready to greet the world with new hopeful eyes. learn more by clicking the Illumination or Inspirations button above.



 I experienced two illumination sessions with Rita and many follow-up conversations. Rita is an attentive listener and an astute observer. She offered me a pathway to healing through imagery, energy clearing, movement, sound and creating a new story through which to view myself and my life. She offered me hope and relief in re-wiring my thought patterns so that I could move forward in my life with less anxiety and more ease. Through her words, presence and guidance, she supported me in seeing a future in which I was living life to my fullest and, simply by being myself, helping others along the way. After two sessions, her words and guidance have stuck with me for many months and helped me to create a life with more lightness. I am grateful for her reassurance and confidence in the healing work she offers. It is a powerful gift to experience. She is a gentle power and those who are called to her work will be profoundly impacted. -SW

The illumination work was wonderful as it helped me to experience the burning away of my negative energies. Rita is wonderful.  Walter P.     

Thank you for putting me back together during our session.  I went home rested and began to feel like my normal self.  I also regained clarity  in my thinking.  I really appreciated the generosity of the long session.  We will work together again soon.  Valerie C.   Nurse and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner



Working with Rita helped me get to the core of a key issue in my life in a surprisingly gentle manner.  Her highly developed intuitive and energetic skills, together with her caring presence and skillful listening, guided me into an experience of palpable inner shifts that have powerfully impacted my external life.

It is wonderful to work with someone grounded in the massage therapy …very useful work!

Mike Cohen M.A.

Leadership Coach, Somatic Bodyworker

I have received what I would consider awesome massages from several massage therapists, and Rita is certainly among those. As a MT, Rita seems intuitively to know the areas that most need work, even when I don't always realize there are knots are sore spots in those muscles before we begin. But what sets her apart from other MT"s whom I've gone to is the wonderful way she combines both massage and energy work. My massages with Rita help me clear and release toxins not only from my body, but from my mind, emotions, and spirit as well. I truly believe that working with Rita helps me to better accomplish my own good work in life, and I am so grateful to have found her!     Lisa

After working with Rita, I decided to reclaim my voice and the ability to express myself. This has led to an increase of living my life by my own terms. Thankyou Rita!

Karenna J.