Adapted from the ancient Andean Native medicine people to identify a specific emotional issue and with awareness, clears away its heaviness at the energetic blueprint level. Light and love are replaced in this vacuum with the freedom to create from our own choosing.  This clearing filters down to the mind, emotions and body; the densest part of us.  Our immune system becomes refreshed and healing accelerates. 

Here, imprints can be erased, but not before they are properly acknowledged and honored.  We can learn much from these heavier energies which have become so much a part of our lives; so much of how we have created our experiences in our relationships, our work, etc.  We find that the wounds can be transformed into sources of power and  knowledge.  The pain that was once a hurt, now becomes life-enriching and brings greater meaning, purpose and insight into our lives.  When we can truly and humbly come to this recognition, we can easily and gladly let it go and forgive ourselves as well as others, realizing that they have played a role to bring us to this powerful place.                                                                                                         The weary energy we have expended to keep up such a persona; the old boring victim story, is freed.  We no longer have to attract situations to bring us back to a wound that needs healing because it is now Illuminated with the light of love.  We are revitalized.  Our essence is unleashed.   We become authentic...more of who we truly are and what we came here to be.

Metaphor is used in this work as we take the issues into a mythic place where things are as they really are. The energy we release becomes compost in our mythic gardens to fertilize our dreams.  We can see the bigger picture, see our connection to our issue and not only choose to live more consciously for our own behalf but for the behalf of those around us: for the world at large.
We faithfully nurture our gardens and witness life beginning to take on a new life of its own.  Clearing destructive patterns at the source level really enables us to easily make the necessary changes in our lives. 
One leaves the session feeling light and ecstatic; exhilarated to meet the world with new eyes.

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Tranformational Healing Package

This is an opportunity to meet two to four times to fully encompass the challenges of your life at this time and really support you on your transformational process to the New Self you are becoming and always known yourself to be.  As well as the Illumination Process, we will be incorporating many other modalities including soul retrieval (calling  back the parts of your vitality that have been lost through trauma), mythic mapping (using writing, drawing, or objects to map out where you are in relation to body, mind and spirit), dance, massage and more.  We use the tools to perceive with new eyes; from a different perspective, to acknowledge where you are and how you can make the necessary shifts in your life's new trajectory. This package is personally tailored and can culminate in an initiation ceremony.  (Please talk to me for detail

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