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JAGUAR TRANCEDANCE Dance of Gratitude Sunday, Nov. 18 at Tribe Yoga 6-8 p.m. with Live Music

You are invited to join us at Tribe Yoga on Sunday Nov. 18, 6-8 p.m. for another Journey of Self Awa

 You are invited to join us at Tribe Yoga on Sunday Nov. 18, 6-8 p.m. for another Journey of Self Awareness in Sacred Space. We will be moving with the medicines of Turtle and Squirrel, as we plod through the middle world giving thanks for what we have gathered. As we allow the spirit to move us, we acknowledge ourselves the freedom to release, remember and return in Thanksgiving for ourselves and others. Feel the joy of connection. Feel your Purpose. Feel the love. Julie Kronenberger and Elizabeth Bolen will be accompanying with their evocative rhythms and song of Calling our Spirits Back Home.This is a blindfolded dance to access your inner self privately. You are welcome to bring a favorite scarf or one will be provided. $20. at the door. Please arrive early. Call / email 



To all my relationsI  In the comfort of the salt cave, join us for a special meditation in Sacred Space.  As we honor each of the 4 directions with Mother Earth and Father Sky, we discover how they assist our lives in everyday practical ways of releasing, and restoring our energy. , Gratitude is easily expressed for the person we are and the one we are becoming.  We leave feeling refreshed and ready to greet the new season of Thanksgiving for ourselves, our loved ones; the world.  Fee is $40 Call (614) 859-3419 to reserve your seat or click this link to book online: https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=12599483


 Readings in person or by phone $1. a min. 

I have been playing with my "friends" the Medicine Animal Cards as well as other divining decks for over 25 years.  They first came to me as a healing modality after I had gone through my own "dark night of the soul" while attending a natural healing school in New Mexico. That life transforming experience connected me deeper into native wisdom.  The Great Spirit now entered. 

I have also been inspired by exploring new places to visit together with my lifelong love of dance to create a deck of my own called,"The Vagabond Dancer" Cards. 

I am honored to bring to the table many years of life experience and have seen the way the message of a card can support you in connecting the dots of your journey.  It is in collaborative consultation, confirming the permission you may be looking for to affirm your authentic expression; to be the self you have knowledge of deep down. 

"Challenges do not simply vanish. Unless you actively embrace your issues, you cannot reclaim your spirit's energy"

              Sams and Carson, Medicine Cards



Have a group of friends who love getting together with each other and would like a more meaningful way to spend the time? A bridal shower, a reunion or a party?

I specialize in custom order retreats with any combination of the services I offer to fit your group.