Understanding Illumination, Jaguar Trancedance, Sacred Space



 Life can be so many things. Be it beautiful or traumatic physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, whether we source it or it “happens” upon us, it leaves an imprint on the energy body. What’s more, when anything directly affects any of our bodies, it does so because of an imprint in the energy body. We have an affinity for it. We attract it for our own individual healing. The energy body, though unseen by the naked eye, surrounds our physical body. Some people can see it, others sense it. Animals and small children are naturally open to it. Indigenous people can see it. It is what could be likened to body- language; that which is unsaid yet felt on a conscious and unconscious level.

Chakras are the energy centers that originate in our spine and vortex out through the front of our body. They each spin in a clockwise fashion and are related to the endocrine glands in the corresponding areas beginning with our pelvic area and going to the crown of the head. The eighth soul chakra, resides above our heads at the top of our Luminous Energy Field and the ninth is spirit which is outside our space and time. Here we are part of the great web of spirit, connected to all as one.

Humans are whole beings. We are body, mind, emotions, soul and spirit. What effects one part surely affects the others. Imagine we are a box with all parts of ourselves stuffed to the maximum with no room for anything else. All of a sudden the box opens and in comes one more thing. Everything in the box has to adjust a little to accommodate that one more thing. Imagine another thing entering in and what that does to the integrity of the contents.  Aren’t we like that in a way? 

Here we are going through life with all our patterns…what we wear, what we drive...all of our opinions on things…the things that make us laugh, what makes us angry, how we choose to worship, what makes us really feel good, what makes us feel put upon or obligated and so on. Then something comes along and challenges one of our beliefs; one of our standards; one of our patterns. Everything being in its own integrity unto itself will have to shift to allow a new accommodation. What if that thing is traumatic, then how do we deal with it? Do we compensate? Do we compromise what we believe? How do we even know how to deal with it?

Think of our lives going forward like a straight line. Suddenly, something takes it off course. No matter how large or small, it will change the whole course of the line…maybe not as easily apparent at first as it will be down the line; down the road of our lives resulting in favorable or unfavorable ways depending on what took it off course.

For an example, say you have a comfortable job and one day you get a pink slip. You are no longer needed there and you have two weeks left of pay. You know there is still a paycheck for a little while; maybe you have saved up a little nest egg…but you were counting on that job. You had been there for years and you were looking forward to retirement in the not so distant future. You can imagine the myriad of emotions this sets off; shock, anger, fear, resentment…You tell yourself you will find another job while you are afraid, “what if I don’t?” How will I pay for my bills, house, and credit cards? How will I support my kids?  You mention it to friends and they sympathize with your situation, “poor woman”. I bring this up as an example of how a human drama can play out and start ripping at the fabric of a person. Why did this happen to me? If you look at life as an educational opportunity, you may ask, “What do I have to learn about this?” Or even, “this happened to me for a reason or it would obviously never happened, what in my life needs to change to correct its direction?”

Getting fired was an energy that came. We may have felt it as a blow to our solar plexus region, then a shock; a fear… and just as quickly an outrage. It wasn’t a direct hit to the physical body, it came in through our energy bodies, yet if we do not take measures to get back into balance our body will surely be affected just like the filled box or the redirected lifeline as mentioned above.

The LUMINOUS ENERGY FIELD is this field which surrounds the body. It is within this field that so much is being sensed which is not necessarily seen with the eyes or heard with the ears.

The four bodies: physical, mental/emotional, soul and spirit are connected, as my teacher Alberto Villoldo would say, as the Russian nesting dolls. The physical body innermost, the mental body enveloping and informing the physical, the soul enveloping the mental, emotional, and physical, and the spiritual body outermost informing and organizing them all like a blueprint. 

The way to heal it is to go to the source in the energy body “nip it in the bud”, if you will, and it will trickle down to the other bodies with our support of the new way. So in time, what affects our spirit eventually shows up in the physical. It takes the light of spirit to shine through our soul to our mental and emotional into our body; re-informing the affected chakra and the corresponding organs, glands etc. It is important to support the new changes made in our mental emotional and physical old patterns to allow the new ones to emerge.

This is called The ILLUMINATION PROCESS and is the basis, the very core of this work. It is not so much about adding something to us to make us more. It is about subtracting the extraneous, that which is not ours... that which is no longer needed, and allow the jewel of our true essence, which has always been here, to shine through.  And the heavy energy that has been weighing us down for so long an then be recognized for its survival value in our lives. This is our used up “compostable” energy that can be put to good use as mythic fertilizer for our dream seeds to emerge. What did we come here for? What beauty do we want to share?  Supporting the new dream with our words thoughts and actions will be so much easier because now the affinity for the issue is gone…the pull to it has been removed, so is the need to go there. Not only do we have the undesirable cleared away and sent to a better place, we have called in the awesome healing light of spirit to illuminate and fill that open area.

There is a natural and scientific expression, “nature abhors a vacuum”, which illustrates the replacement that happens when something has been taken away. What do we want to put in there?

We have come to a place of choice; a conscious choice. Now we have made it so much easier to make the changes we want to see happen in our lives. We don’t have to fight it, why did we need to fight anyway? The more we choose to make supportive choices for our new dream, the more graceful it will be for us. This is the difference between fate happening upon us, and allowing our true destiny, which aligns with our higher self, to pull us along.

Jaguar Trancedance and Sacred Space

I coined the name Jaguar Trancedance because in the Andean Medicine Wheel, Jaguars are in the West position.  The West symbolizes integrity, fierceness to be here on the Mother Earth and Trust.  As the seeds are planted here in the fertile darkness, Trust is called, knowing that beauty is getting ready to be born. In the blindfolded darkness of trancedance, we summon Spirit with our breath in trust, allowing it to move us to a place that is safe...a place where we are transformed into the joy of self discovery.  Each Jaguar Trancedance as well as the Illumination Emotional Healing Process, spirals around the Medicine Wheel from Serpent in the South where the release takes place, to Jaguar in the West as we fully with integrity send heavy energy down to the Earth, to the sweetness of Hummingbird in the North where we acknowledge our ancestors and rediscover our artistic gifts, to the Eagle and Condor of the East.  The East is the manifestation of the transformation. Just as the sun and moon rise in the east, we are also reborn..."a new day to play another way."    And always our dear Mother Earth and Father Sky are acknowledged and thanked.  Pachamama is the Mother who is always there for us and takes our burdens and Father Sky who reminds us to love and forgive.  When we call in these 6 directions, we create Sacred Space; a cocoon of safety for healing to take place.

          You are invited on a Journey of Self-Discovery 

This is the ultimate dance of directions The dance of Sacred Space 

Journey from darkness to light

When you cannot see with your eyes, you see everything

Take a step out of your own way and 

Allow Your way to enter 

Release the bondage of self-limitations…of past traumas 

And allow the Jaguar to arise inside of you 

Bringing Fierce Feline I Am energy to mulch the old skin as compost 

Trust in the knowing that germination is taking place

In The Dark 

Where Jaguar mixes her Magic 

Take a step back 

Spirit weaves for you 

Until the seeds burst through the darkness into the loving light of remembrance of 

Who You Really Are 

Transforming poisons into passions 

Your Destiny of Grace is Calling You

Feel the light pouring over you and reclaim your place in the sun 

Dance your Masculine, Dance your Feminine, Dance all parts of you Into Wholeness 

You are a Magnificent Being on a Magnificent Journey 

Claim your sovereignty, your birthright of health, happiness and peace 

Follow that star that has your name on it.