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Trancedance video/interview

Transformational Dance



  Dance is our birthright

Utilizing our breath, energy exercises and intent, we claim Sacred Space in our own personal energy fields.  Acknowledging our joy by boundary awareness to percussive rhythms and inspirational music, we identify, acknowledge; purify and refresh; we call in our spirit.  This is a very energizing way to honor ourselves. 

If  you are a spirit seeker and love to explore through your own dance, this  is a perfect class for you. While blindfolded, in a very Sacred Space, you will be free to let your Spirit Move you to the sounds of evocative music through countless phases, colorful spaces, powerful processes. Join us on your Magnificent Movement Journey of Self Discovery. 

Dance the Dream Awake! 


"Let the beauty we love, be what we do"




 Let the Spirit Move your Body

                                    to the Rhythm of your Soul!

This special dance (formerly known as Spiritmoves Trancedance), offers a way to move with awareness and freedom. In a compassionate environment, blindfolded to evocative music, one can safely access unconscious as well as conscious material, free of being self-conscious, to the surface where it can be exposed to the light of love and acceptance as one explores, discovers, processes, re-energizes ones authentic self.  Join us on the Magnificent Journey of Self-Discovery.

                                    Dance the Dream Awake!

"Trancedancing invites Spirit to return home where all healing must start."

Frank Natale, Trance Dance originator



Chi gong mixed with 
                               free flowing movement

Our bodies flow in natural rhythms of circles, spirals, and figure eights. Let's explore these movements in full momentum, combining ancient Chinese chi gong exercises, cultivating nature's energy.
You will experience:
* Proper body alignment for joint ease
* Left and right brain coordination
* Free flowing stretches to enjoyable music
* Healing techniques to keep in step with the "everyday movement" of our lives.
* FUN! 

Transformational Dance, Trancedance, Archetype Workshops, Chi Fusion Stretch



An exploration into wholeness

An afternoon, a day or a weekend; join us through movement, metaphor, music and more as we traverse with mythic maps, the magnificent journey of self discovery.  Making friends with the many faces in archetype story and how they express in our lives, showing us the active and inactive  parts of ourselves that are hidden, criticized shoved away or forgotten.

In collaborative community with other kindred spirits, you will come away more refreshed and energized; connected to your authentic self. 

"Harmonizing our inner masculine and feminine energies is the way to wholeness."

Margarita (Kuku-Ya) Nogueras Vidal "Cultura de la Tierra" 

Taino Medicine Woman